sarah's journey


My childhood summers were riddled with extended experiences living on the canadian shield & travelling by canoe.  At summer camp, one of my counsellor's called me 'the grand inquisitor.'  It seems, perhaps, that the journey of inquiry began long before my conscious memory may realize?

Somehow, I believe, beside those quiet lakes seeds of timelessness were planted, which have led me (again & again) into the wild spaces of nature and into the inner landscape of this human form.  

Sharing yoga for me, is about diving into my own embodied curiosities, studies & explorations and communicating them in the context of of an ancient art.  It is about asking questions and unravelling into the sheer presence of these cells & this living nervous system.  

For me, yoga is a living art.
A creative expression.
A cellular collage of experience.

A process which continually shows me the biases of my perception, the edges of my existence & reminds me to let go into infinity.

The longer I am on this life journey, the more I trust, and when I trust this world, I remember timelessly who 'I' am. In my life, I find myself landing again and again in the moment where I am; and meeting myself & others from that place.   

I hope we can meet.
I look forward to breathing, learning & laughing together.


i love.

creativity. cedar trees.smoothies. tensegrity.

sleeping babies. family.

jasmine pearl green tea. honey.

& moving towards infinity.  



sarah's journey



Academia, Experiences
& Training


800 hour certified Vijnana Yoga Teacher.  Trained with Gioia Irwin and Orit Sen Gupta.  The principles of this teaching inspire a great inward reflection, a balance of discipline & ease and a practice that truly grows and is inspired from a quiet inside place.  I continue to share time regularly with Gioia in my hometown of Squamish, BC.


Completed Richard Freeman's month long 200-hour intensive & his advanced 6-day training intensive taught with Mary Taylor & Joan Halifax.  He has inspired a great love of sanskrit, sound & a deep curiosity & love for the philosophical roots of this ancient art.


Dreamed & co-created The Yoga Studio Squamish, starting in 2008. Six years later, I continue to oversee the operations of studio as it now operates as a shared community cooperative space. Sarah continues to share classes, courses & her mentorship programme out of this quaint community space.


Bachelor of Kinesiology, MacMaster University.


MSc Outdoor & Experiential Education, University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Wilderness First Aid (80 hour) & NOLS instructor, with experience guiding remote & extended expeditions around the world.  


Her work and passion for living wildly has taken her to the remote wilds of Canada's Yukon, Baffin Island, Australia, the Rio Grande river, India & Nepal and the Brazilian Amazon.


Presently enrolled to begin a Diploma in Expressive Arts, with a vision to begin working one-on-one with individuals in areas of letting go, grief and being with dying.


6 years teaching at the annual Canuck Children's Hospice Squamish camp, offering meditation & breathing for young adults with Muscular Dystrophy.


Presently working as the Youth Education Coordinator at the Howe Sound Women's Centre in Squamish, offering creative nature based empowerment girls groups & camps as well as working in the schools to promote healthy relationships & good communication.


Countless other workshops over the years studying & exploring this human experience.  


Topics & Teachers of note include body-mind centered embodied anatomy, continuum movement, 5Rhythms Dance, Stephen Jenkinson & Roshi Joan Halifax.

Sarah Manwaring-Jones  - Yoga Teacher in Squamish, BC