- As It Is - 

Simplicity is real.
So, hold onto all that is elemental:
sky, earth, moon.

Hold yesterday's sun, 
today's storm, 
tomorrow's calm mystic morning light.

Hold flowers blooming and spiders spinning webs.
Hold the clarity of simple observation, 
& the pure fire of attention.
Embrace each as an act of honesty.

Of living.
And dying.
As It Is.

 - By The Sea -


A rare quiet morning walk with my dog, 
We meander a lifting fog.


Inhale full moon air and swallow a sky of impossible beauty.

Lost amidst a chorus of red-winged blackbirds, who are our ancestors.

Found in the company of an ephemeral chief.

Free inside a sea of unanswerable questions - 
perhaps you know?


how many hearts do you have?

- Full Moon Sunshine -


My body, your body, her body, his body is made of all things earth.

Ocean magic, animal medicine, plant wisdom & the pure heat of fire.

And so, each one of us is tonight's full moon, embodied.

Each organ holds the secrets of an old growth cedar; intimate & wise beyond the brain's comprehension.

Each bellybutton is a snowflake, wildly ordinary & perfectly unique.

Each foot is a raindrop, simply landing & becoming earth.

Each full body laugh is a wildflower, who's true colour is just about to explode.

And, each embodied shape is a miracle, a still point & a possibility.

My body, your body, her body, his body, Awakened & felt.is a celebration.

a gift. a remembering.a bright sun. a full moon.


- That Owl -


Sometimes, one foot in front of the next - I disappear.
become a tree
a snowflake, a cloud
a memory.

Owl on a rock, gone so soon, a reminder to keep eyes open.
Stay awake.

Tell me, please, what is the language of listening?
and, can you hear the mountains whisper magic prayers?

Cast beneath their spell, 
my soul flies briefly with that owl
crystals grow out of sunlight
the moon smiles.

Nothing (everything) matters
anything seems possible.

 - Rainy Day Play -


The sweetness of symmetry.
Forever fascinated by ease & play.
Swallowed inside simple daily treasures. 
Distributing consciousness to the tips.
Breathed. Outer shells soften. 

Layers & casts dissolve. Limbs decompress. 
Time becomes fluid. 
A whole day can disappear.
Empty (so full)